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Many people get hung up editing on the sentence level and see it as a chore. I used to be that way too, and it was for a very specific reason: I didn’t know what I was aiming to fix aside from general grammar issues. I knew I wanted my sentences to be better, but I did not have a firm grasp on what “better” meant. Now I do and I find sentence level editing fun.

To make your sentences better, you can:

  • Make sure it conveys the meaning you want it to.
  • Make it succinct and delete any extraneous words. (Though never at the sacrifice of meaning. It’s better to have a clunky paragraph that says what you want than a short but confusing sentence that doesn’t get the point across.)
  • If you have two descriptions of the same thing from the same POV, choose your favorite and delete the second.
  • See if you can change weak verbs or rearrange the sentence to exclude them.
  • Alter the sentence so that it enhances the voice of the POV character (or the story, if you’re writing third person omniscient).



can we all take a moment to appreciate Axel’s first line in the kh series (going by release order)

his first entrance is literally the best


one of the many, many reasons I would recommend, if you can, at least watching on youtube the original versions of the game. There are a lot of interesting scenes that don’t make it into the remakes, especially the abbreviated versions, and each version gets slightly edited to add more connecting details. But man are there great lines in the originals. And they are great for a more nuanced readings of the characters.

me: *mentions how pretty i’ve heard north carolina is from a friend*

acquaintance: oh yea but it’s really racist there


why do I still read youtube comments like have I not learned anything

  • you: hey nice shirt
  • me: thanks im gay